We manufacture Aluminium Foil Containers and export them all over the world. We are a UK based company and all the production is done in our factory in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. At the moment we manufacture No.1, No.2, No.6a, No.9x9x2 and No.12 Foil Containers and also supply the heavy poly lids to go with these.


Aluminium Foil Containers are probably the best food packaging solution and are favoured over other forms of food packaging because they are:

·         Lightweight, sturdy and easy to handle

·         Impermeable and retain freshness of packed food

·         Compatible with most food ingredients

·         Hygienic, as they do not support micro-organisms

·         Odourless, moisture proof and non-toxic

·         Unaffected by freezing temperatures or high oven heat

·         Economically priced and cost effective

·         Corrosion free and safe for storing cooked and uncooked food

·         Excellent for speedy food processing requiring thermal conductivity

·         Usable more than once before recycling

·         Fully recyclable as they contain at least 97% pure aluminium


Aluminium foil has been found to be most suitable, as it withstands extreme temperature variations, is non-toxic, inert and easily available. More importantly, mechanical and physical properties of aluminium allow foil to be formed into different shapes and sizes.


We believe in the quality of our products and also offer competitive prices.