Who are GFC (UK) Ltd?


We are a manufacturing company based in Peterborough, UK specialising in the manufacture of Aluminium Foil Containers.


What are your opening hours?


Our office hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. 


What are Foil Containers?


“Forming” food grade aluminium foil into different shapes and sizes produces Foil containers, which have been time tested as most ideal for packaging food.


Foil containers are primarily used by the foodservice industry. They are ideally suited for mass packaging and distribution of a wide range of meals on trains and aircrafts, takeaways and restaurants, bakeries, in offices, schools, retirement homes, by charitable organisations and other such institutions.


What are they made of?


Although foil containers could be produced with any metal foil, aluminium foil has been found to be most suitable, as withstands extreme temperature variations, is non-toxic, inert and easily available. More importantly, mechanical and physical properties of aluminium allow foil to be formed into different shapes and sizes.


How long can food be stored in foil containers?


Foil containers will not alter the shelf life of food stored in them.  But food stored beyond its recommended shelf life or in unfavourable conditions, tends to become unfit for human consumption and such food can damage the walls of foil container.


How are foil containers environmentally friendly?


After use, foil containers can be discarded in separate bins to be sent to recycling centres, because Aluminium is 100% recyclable and does not have to be decomposed, incinerated or disposed like other packing materials.  Foil containers do not contaminate the environment and are recycled with a 95% energy saving, instead of expending excessive energy for refining and smelting bauxite ore.


Are the foil containers being manufactured in the UK?


Our manufacturing is done in our factory based in Peterborough, UK.


We have just received a price list, is VAT and carriage included in these figures?


No, all price lists are exclusive of VAT and carriage is charged on international orders only. The standard VAT rate is currently 20%.


How long does it take to deliver the foil containers and lids?


Delivery is usually within 7 days in the UK. We try to dispatch all orders as soon as possible so you will probably receive your order well within this time.


How thick are the foil containers?


We only use the best material, our foil containers come in different gauges depending on the requirement of the customer and also the size of the foil container.


If I buy a certain number of pallets will I receive a discount?


It’s really difficult to give discounts as the price of Aluminium fluctuates so much but our price list shows that the more you buy the cheaper each pallet will cost you due to lower transport costs.


Why does the price of the foil containers change so often?


The price of the foil containers changes a lot because the cost of Aluminium fluctuates so often. The price of Aluminium is determined by many factors, which are outside of our control. The metal is listed on the London Metal Exchange.


Can we buy on credit?


We usually provide 30 days credit after we have had a few dealings with the customer and after successful credit checks. However, note that we cannot provide a lot of credit due to the fact that we have to pay for our raw material in advance.